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With the development of advanced trellising techniques over the past 30 years, have come a vast array of products and accessories for the vineyard industry. From simple to complex, there are numerous choices in every product line category, as well as tools, fasteners, tensioners, and installation aids to help complete every project.

At A&J Vineyard Supply, we understand that it can be hard to keep up with this fast-paced industry. And whether you’re growing grapes in your back yard or are a seasoned viticultural professional, the use and application of some of these products can be confusing and less than intuitive! Few if any of these products come with instructions manuals, but don’t worry…A&J Vineyard Supply is here to help!

Here at our Product Support Page, you will find installation and instruction videos for numerous products and accessories. We hope that you will find them informative and helpful in keeping your vineyard installation and maintenance moving forward. If you have ideas or requests for videos that you do not see here, please e-mail us and we will do our best to incorporate them into our site.

Many thanks and good luck!

Campgnola Support Videos

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A&J Vineyard Supply “How-To ” Videos

Summary of vineyard hardware and crossarms.

Install a TNDW clip on to a supra grande/diamond back line post

Install a vineyard clip on any size T-Post

Install a Wire Vise on a vineyard end post

Install a gripple wire joiner

Install a crossarm on a t-post for vineyards

Vineyard Clip Installation – TRC38W

Install a 579 clip on a steel grapestake

Install a crossarm on a vertical line post (highway stake)

Install a vertical bamboo clip on bamboo training stakes, pencil rods & rebar for vineyards

Install an SL2 clip on to a vertical line post

Install a J-R Clip on a t-post for vineyards

Install a Snap-In crossarm clip on a vineyard t-post

Installation tutorial for the DRI Deep Root Irrigation system

Install the DRI Deep Root Irrigation system when using in-row cultivation

Install a horizontal TRC-14 pencil rod clip and horizontal TRC-38 rebar clip for vineyards

Install a Shellt Grow Tube

Hand-held Cordless Pruner