Bird Control and Netting Supplies

Your number one goal right now is likely keeping your grapes and crops healthy, which means controlling one very important element: birds. There are a number of options for controlling—or at least limiting the damage of—birds, but experts say the best defense is to build a strategy that includes multiple points of protection and to […]

Vineyard Tips for Spring 2021

The growth phase of grapevines varies based on climate, weather, and grape variety. Since there are so many different conditions for grapevine growth and grape development, not every grapegrower is on the exact same schedule. However, as pruning season commences and we head into spring and summer, vine management is on everyone’s mind.  Unfortunately, with […]

Counting Down to the 2020 Grape Harvest

From August through October, the Napa Valley is buzzing with the excitement around harvest. While tending to the grapevines is a year-round endeavor,  harvest is particularly crazy because the timing is always a bit unknown. Vineyard workers must be prepared at a moment’s notice to make sure they are picking grapes at the absolute peak […]